Anonymous asked:

went to the olicity tag and i see all these negative posts. what is going on?

forever-erica answered:

Andrew Kreisberg, one of Arrow’s EPs, went on this diatribe about how they have all these plans for Oliver and Laurel that are making me laugh, because that relationship is sounding even more like a soap opera with how he described it.

Married, divorced, hook-up, booty-call, rinse and repeat…" was all I heard.

Some Olicity fans are feeling gutted and cheated, understandably, but I’m having a pretty big thought here, with how the producers did a lot of planning before Arrow was at the level it is now, but had to re-route things due to lack of chemistry and interest in their leading man and leading lady’s romantic entanglements, or shall I say, royal-fucking-mess. It’s even a bigger mess with Sara camping out in Oliver’s bed again, but you know, opinions are opinions. 

So, I’m not sure what Andy is going on about now with Oliver/Laurel. Oh, and the whole “It’s Oliver and Laurel! It’s Lois and Clark!" thing, which is a comparison that Larry King made for Oliver and Felicity about eight months ago, so yeah, not really worried about that either.

Basically, the article was all about Andy outlining Lauriver all sloppily really, along with some other tidbits about how they were so proud to get Summer Glau on the show as Isabel, but beyond having her sleep with Oliver to amp the major angst between Oliver and Felicity, they had no idea what the hell to do with her, which is why she was gone for like 234 episodes. Not really helping me to see the ‘grand scheme’ of the show when they can’t even handle a guest-spot, but I digress. 

Either way, I laughed, and then went back to watching the sneak peak for tomorrow’s episode (IT IS FINALLY RELEASED!), with my cigarette of course.